Walvis Bay Namibia Quad Bike Adventure

Walvis Bay Namibia Quad Bike Adventure

The quad-bike route is a scenic drive that combines beautiful landscapes, magical colours and the unbelievable life of animals and the Topnaar people and their survival in the desert. The quad-bike adventure offers an unforgettable experience with countless photo opportunities of enchant animal footprints (from the time when the Kuiseb Delta had a lot more water), desert vegetation, plants that have adapted to survive extreme conditions, wildlife like the small five (lizard, geckos, scorpions and snakes) and the Topnaar tribe.

The Topnaars are a semi nomadic tribe, divided into two groups, the Southern Aonin group and the Northern !Gomen group. The !Gomen Topnaars settled close to Sesfontein and the Aonin Topnaars at the mouth of the Kuiseb River Valley, which provided them with additional sources of food, particularly the well-know Nara plant.

Tour Notes
  • Please wear comfortable walking shoes, Sunscreen and warm clothing.
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Tour Includes:

Departure Time: 08H30  Ends: ±11H30

Tour Excludes:

Transfers between Swakopmund & Walvis Bay.

Items of a personal nature