Gold Reef City Day Tour

Embark on a Fascinating Journey: “Jozi’s Story of Gold”

Welcome to a day of adventure and discovery as we delve into the captivating tale of gold in Jozi. Join young Veli, a modern-day schoolboy, on a thrilling odyssey through time, guided by the seasoned prospector, Joe, from the late 1800s. Brace yourself for an enthralling introductory movie, unveiling the earliest days of Jozi and the exhilarating moment of gold’s discovery.

Engage with History: Museum Houses

Experience the essence of days gone by as you step into history within our intriguing Museum Houses:

  • Mr. Ohlthaver’s House: Witness the life of a mine official during the golden era.
  • Dowse House: Walk through corridors with Veli, uncovering the art of home-schooling.
  • Oosthuizen House: Feel the thrill of a “ghostly” encounter, exploring the passages of time, where you’ll understand what it meant to “waste not, want not.”

A Shimmering Experience: Gold Pour

Behold the mesmerizing spectacle of liquid gold – an unforgettable experience for the heart, soul, and mind. The magnificent glow from molten liquid gold creates a memory you’ll carry with you forever.

Journey to the Depths: Underground Mine Tour

Descend into the heart of the earth on our Underground Mine Tour, a truly awe-inspiring exploration into the riches of our history. Feel the exhilaration as you travel deep below the surface, sensing the cold air and touching the rugged rock that once held the wealth of a nation.

Uncover Hidden Treasures: Gold Panning

Rediscover the thrill of yesteryear with Gold Panning – the age-old method of searching for those elusive specks of gold, promising wealth beyond imagination. Roll up your sleeves and pan in freezing cold water by hand, feeling the euphoria as you discover a shiny spec amid the dirt.


  • Jozi’s Story of Gold”: Embark on a captivating journey through time as young Veli joins forces with seasoned prospector Joe, uncovering the thrilling tale of Jozi’s earliest days and the discovery of gold.
  • Museum House Marvels: Step into history with immersive experiences in Mr. Ohlthaver’s House, Dowse House, and the enigmatic Oosthuizen House, where the art of “waste not, want not” comes to life.
  • Golden Euphoria: Witness the mesmerizing glow of molten liquid gold in a heart, soul, and mind-stirring Gold Pour experience, etching unforgettable memories.
  • Deep Below the Surface: Descend into the depths of the earth on the Underground Mine Tour, where you’ll touch the rough rock that once held the wealth of a nation, and experience history’s riches.
  • Rediscover Gold: Try your hand at the traditional art of Gold Panning, searching for the elusive specs of gold that promise a wealth-filled adventure.


  • All-Inclusive: Entry fees to all specified areas.
  • Comfortable Transfers: Enjoy air-conditioned mini-bus transfers to/from your hotel/airport.
  • Expert Guide: A professional English-speaking driver-guide to enhance your experience.
  • Delightful Meals: Indulge in meals as indicated in the program, adding a culinary touch to your adventure.


  • Additional Services: Services not mentioned in the program or deviations from the tour schedule are not covered.
  • Entrance Fees: Costs for areas not included in the tour program are excluded.
  • Porterage Fees: Airport or hotel porterage fees (can be arranged upon reservation).
  • Personal Touches: Items of a personal nature.

Note: The tour may adapt based on traffic and available time, ensuring a memorable and flexible experience.